New items in the store!

Got some more stuff online today, including records from ALL, Blood Brothers and Bane. We also were able to get up some very out of print records we were able to dig up from the bowels of our distributors (figuratively, thank god), including records from Pennywise and the Transplants. We will almost definitely never be able to stock these again, unless the luck of the Irish hits…which, considering that I’m like half Mexican, puts those chances way down at the bottom of the barrel, heh ;P

ALL – Allroy For Prez…

ALL – Allroy Sez

ALL – Breaking Things

ALL – Trailblazer

Atreyu – A Death Grip On Yesterday (Grey Putty)

Bane – The Note (Picture Disc)

Bayside – Walking Wounded (Clear)

Blood Brothers – Ambulance Vs. Ambulance (Purple)

Blood Brothers – Young Machetes (Black/White/Red)

Blood For Blood – Revenge On Society (Black/White)

Pennywise – Pennywise

Pennywise – Straight Ahead

Transplants – Transplants (2xLP)


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