Busy day!

Woo boy we had a ton of shit going on today, hence no stock update today. We spent the day getting mail ready to go out, filming the video below that decided who got the signed Crimson record and then going to my aunt’s 50th birthday dinner. We got all of the U.S. packages out today (though I think we missed the outgoing pickup so they’ll actually be going tomorrow morning), but we weren’t able to get the international packages out, so they are on the top of our to-do list tomorrow.

We’ve got some stuff coming in the next few days from one of our distros, which should be up for preorder in the coming days, including the new Radiohead ‘Best Of’ boxset, the new Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright and Metallica’s recent 2xLP reissue of Ride the Lightning. Going out tomorrow is a box with some older stuff we dug up from the bowels of the same distro, including ALL’s Problematic, Ben Folds’ Song For Silverman, Saves The Day’s Stay What You Are and some more Radiohead stuff. We’ve also got in-transit the new Atmosphere 12″ (we also have their new record on limited yellow that we need to get live STAT) and the new repress of a record I love and Bonnie just HATES, The Coup’s Epitaph debut, Pick A Bigger Weapon.

Draft fans – be on the lookout tomorrow as we will be posting a very limited color of In A Million Pieces up for regular price, so check this page quite often as I know it will be gone oh so very quickly!


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