Today’s Updates (and one sad story).

I just had to write one of the saddest emails I have written to date in regards to this store – I had to turn down the possible chance of hosting an acoustic set from the RX Bandits because we have no ability to host…well, anything, since this whole outfit is being run out of our house (not unlike a certain Mr. Park). I felt like when Peter hurt his knee in Family Guy and just held it and moaned for like 20 seconds.

God. Damn. It.

Here are your solemnly posted stock updates:

Defiance, Ohio – Share What Ya Got (Swirly Grey)

Defiance, Ohio – The Great Depression (Assorted Marble)

Draft, The – In A Million Pieces (Maroon)

Draft, The – In A Million Pieces (Pale Blue)

J Church – Society Is A Carnivorous Flower (Opaque Green)

J Church – The Horror Of Life (Cloudy Gray)

Ragan, Chuck – Los Feliz (Gray Mix)

Ragan, Chuck – Ole Diesel (UK – Blue Splatter)

Rehasher – Off Key Melodies (Pink)

Rehasher – Off Key Melodies (Yellow)

Ringers – Curses

Rx Bandits – …And The Battle Begun (2×10″ – Maroon/Gold)

Rx Bandits – The Resignation (White)

Now that I’ve got some of those caught up, time to hit preorders and new releases!


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