Quick update.

First off, I thought MGS4 came out Monday night/Tuesday morning – wrong. That would be tonight/tomorrow morning. I have yet to decide if I am going to go out and get it tonight or wait until tomorrow…but I think it’ll happen tonight. I’ve got two bottles of the new Mountain Dew flavors (I already drank one of the three flavors), so I am ready to play like all fucking night, woo!

After doing much of nothing Monday, we didn’t do anything yesterday as we went up to my Mom’s house to visit with the family and hang out with my aunt from Reno. We had fun, played some board games, had a great dinner, the usual fam stuff. So today, we caught up on orders that needed to be shipped out, printed invoices and put things on hold for orders that included a preorder and sent an order to one of our distros to catch up on some odds and ends. I am also getting small orders ready to catch up on Suburban Home’s recent releases and get a ton of BYO’s catalog in. I also need to get more Fat records (sent them an email in an attempt to buy direct, but probably just have to keep going distro *sad face*), check in Recess about their next Queers’ LP and probably more things I can’t even begin to think about right now with so much of my head taken up with thoughts MGS4! 🙂

So there’s your update. If we don’t have new stock up tonight, tomorrow for sure. All we have going on is a midnight screening of the new Incredible Hulk movie. That shit better not suck, dammit!


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