Fuck you Google Checkout and Moral Crux update

Google Checkout is currently down…again. This is the second time since we opened just under three weeks ago and to be honest, that is just too much for what should be a reliable company. I seriously don’t get it and I at least wish they wouldn’t give an error, making it seem like it’s our fault, and they would say something like, ‘Shit’s down, be right back’ or something.

Looks like I’m going to have to have a Google Checkout status report on the front page of the store from now on….*sigh*

(Yes, this means that I am going to reactivate the login and checkout in-site as soon as I can….)

Dave from Jailhouse Records sent out an update to the Moral Crux vinyl club recently which has an updated release date for Moral Crux’s Pop Culture Assassins – July 29 or August 5th. This gives everyone a little longer to get their preorders in and earn a chance to win one of three test pressings we are giving out!

Alright, time to get to work on today’s stock update!

PS: Looks like the Pink Lincolns’ reissue is coming around the same time!


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