So. Tired.

Damn – yesterday’s trek has wiped both Bonnie and I clean out of energy today, so instead of the big update, you get just the smallest of updates as my remaining energy is going to readying mail and relaxing.

I heard about the plight of Alaska Records last night and decided to reach out to Zac and try and offer some help. Since we only sell vinyl, it made it a bit more difficult than I would have liked since the root of the problem is a CD, but we were able to work up an idea that will, at the very least, get some money back into Zac’s hands and hopefully get his band, Benard, some more exposure.

Here’s the gist:

Basically, Alaska Records is owned and ran by Zac of the band Benard. Just recently he was blindsided by a band whose record he put a lot of time and personal money into he no longer has a market for because they broke up before going on a tour that was supposed to basically sell the record and return on his investment. In need of money and understandably frustrated, he posted in the Vinyl Collective message board that he was going to call it quits.

I read it and after listening to tracks from the only vinyl release they had – this Benard / Worn In Red split – contacted Zac and we’ve worked out a deal to, at the very least, get some money into the pocket of a guy who really deserves a helping hand and possibly get him to reconsider his throwing in the towel on his label.

Here’s the deal – we are offering the Benard / Worn In Red split 7 inch AND another 7 inch (at our choosing from our 7 inch box) for $2.25 – all of that goes straight to Zac. If you buy another regular-priced record, we’ll throw in ANOTHER free 7 inch from the random box as well. Anyone who purchases one of these 2 for 1 packages will also be entered in a contest to win 1 of 3 test pressings from the split, autographed by BOTH BANDS.

We’ve only got 45 or so on clear red and the rest are on black. Please help out not only two great bands get some more exposure but a good guy spurned by music. You can buy the record package here and here.

You can check out songs from Benard and Worn In Red by clicking on their names in this sentence.
If you can find it in your wallet to help, that would be awesome. Not only are you getting two 7 inches for less than the price of one, you are helping a D.I.Y. label that hopefully will put out some more releases like the Benard / Worn In Red split, which is pretty damn good.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’m not sure what will get done tomorrow, but I imagine some stuff since Thursday will be spent drinking and earning the new weapons from the TF2 pyro patch. Still waiting to hear from my contact about announcing our huge exclusive – maybe tomorrow? đŸ™‚


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