Finishing up a big mail day before we head off to hang out with some friends for the evening. I’m sure none of you noticed, heh, but we have moved a portion of our operation over to eBay in hopes of getting rid of as much stock as we can at profitable prices. So far, so good. We’ve been able to get prices close to MSRP, which is just too hard when competing in the digital marketplace, especially for a store as new as us. But getting money back in our pockets to spend on new records is what we need to do and it’s working great!

With that in mind, I have no news and good news. No news is that I have still not heard back for an update on our super secret color exclusive. =\ On the good news front though, we have reached a point in discussions with another label on a 100 color variation exclusive to a pretty awesome reissue of a classic album they are working on. They have some stuff with the band they still need to run through, but hopefully it’s a go!

Okay, post office, ho!


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