Another small STD update and fact sheet.

EDIT: Talked to Cobraside today and the records should come in to them any day now.

It appears that the Sound The Alarm records went off-track last week but apparently are back on-track and I can only hope they ship in the next couple days to us. The word of color breakdown is starting to trickle out, here’s what we know:

*Cobraside removed the pressing number from their catalog, so maybe it is 2,000 after all, which is fine by me because that only makes our color that much rarer. There are supposed to be 3,000 total copies (though some eBayer says that’s not true even though Cobraside’s catalog says it is).

*Our color, whatever it is, is limited to 300 total copies.

*Other retailers, such as Vinyl Collective, will have an exclusive run as well, though it is currently unknown if any other exclusive colors will run more than 300 copies.

*Some eBayer (whom recently came underfire for overly defensive, suspcious and rude comments and actions and hence will not be named) has two runs of 70 (though he originally listed it as 35 each). It appears that despite what was thought to be a sold out run, this eBayer has more of the Saves The Day – Under The Boards /25 record for sale. I haven’t been keeping count, but I believe over 20 were sold when they were first made available, making many wonder if there really are only 25.

More drama than yo’ baby’s momma kept us from getting much done other than catching up on the mail. Our first big contest came to an end and the winners will be chosen this week. We’ve also got a ton of records that need to go live, including the new offerings from the Offspring, Weezer (singles), NOFX (M RnR reissue), Coalesce, Violent Femmes, Coldplay, Disturbed, Jay Reatard and some hard to find records from the Bouncing Souls, ALL, The Slackers, New Amsterdams, No Motiv and Pennywise.

And with that, I am going to get ready for bed….


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