Sound The Alarm Shipping To Us Tomorrow!

Talked to Cobraside today and our Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm exclusive will be shipping out tomorrow! Which means we should have them Friday-Saturday and orders should start shipping on Monday! 🙂 Our color has also been revealed – red. An unnamed retailer (they didn’t tell me but my guess is the wonderful peeps at Vinyl Collective) will be receiving white (I assume out of 300 as well), of which we will be swapping 5 of ours for 5 of theirs so we can offer a few sets of both colors.

Talked to Zac from Alaska Records over the weekend and we are about to get those Benard / Worn In Red splits on their way to us in the next couple of days.

Bonnie and I will be moving into our first house (well, one that will be occupied only by us) in a couple weeks, but the prepartion of said house is really going to cut into our store time, so updates may be few and far between during that time. Shipping of orders WILL NOT be effected by this. 🙂 Our new house has a huge area for us to run the store out of, which is going to be so amazing. I can’t wait for that aspect alone. Maybe we’ll even arrange an open house for the store, where peeps can come by, shop, rock out, maybe even take a jaunt into the game room and play some Smash Bros. 🙂

We also found out the sex of our soon-to-be baby today! I cannot say what it is yet because it seems we didn’t do a very good job of advertising the ‘guess the sex’ contest, so we will be sending out an email mailer to everyone who has ordered something from us so they for sure know about the contest and can enter if they want. We should get that around tomorrow, then hopefully draw a winner by next week.

Okay, my back hurts and my allergies are going insane from cleaning a dusty, dirty house for the past few hours, so I’m out!


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