Winners of our grand opening contest!

So we finally drew the winners for our super large grand opening contest we were holding with DeadFormat.net. Here are the winners (all peeps have been contacted and prizes will start going out most likely tomorrow):

1. Arielle K. LCD soundsystem autographed CD
2. Mathew S. DeadFormat Prize
3. Steveooo The Queers – Everything’s Okay 7″ – autographed by Joe Queer
4. Benjamin S. No Idea Records ‘Party Pack’
5. Jens Few and the Proud LP test pressing
6. Dusty $25 gift certificate to NerdAlertRecords.com
7. Daniel A. Shot Baker – Awake LP test pressing
8. mtnasleep $50 gift certificate to NerdAlertRecords.com
9. Greg S. DeadFormat Prize
10. Graig S. DeadFormat Prize
11. scotty DeadFormat Prize
12. cjohnnick $25 gift certificate to NerdAlertRecords.com
13. headtowall Atmosphere – Shoulda Known 12″ promo single
14. fattyswimmer DeadFormat Prize
15. lattersam James Pants – We’re Through promo single
16. marijnnn DJ Romes – Rhythm Traxx 12″ test pressing
17. deathtripper DeadFormat Prize
18. Matt K. DeadFormat Prize
19. zak138 Moral Crux – Moral Crux autographed test pressing
20. tarik The Queers – Everything’s Okay 7″ – autographed by Joe Queer

(Name = winner via store entry; User = winner via DF entry)


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