A few quick notes:

Just got off the phone with Chris over at Lumberjack Mordam and we placed a little order with them for some pretty kick ass records. We should have A Wilhelm Scream’s Career Suicide on both colors as well as 3 variations of the Alkaline Trio Goddamnit Redux 2nd pressing in sometime in the next two weeks or so, as LJM is expecting both of those records next week.

We got our first of two boxes a couple days ago from Its Alive Records, really stoked about getting a bunch of their catalog up in the store. Also got word from our good buddy Dave over at Jailhouse Records that he expects the Moral Crux Pop Culture Assassins records to show up at his place in 2 weeks or so and then they’ll be off to us. We should have the Benard / Worn In Red 7″s in a week, week and a half.

With our move coming up, I’m thinking about throwing out a 10% off all orders coupon to try and have less to move next door, but I don’t know yet. Would that intice any of you to make a purchase?

Progress on the next version of the store front was slowed due to computer issues on my part, but I’ve got it off and running now. We will have, and this will make all of our international customers happy, USPS real-time shipping quotes! It is up and running on our test server and I couldn’t be anymore happy! That means we have to go through and weigh every single record and record that so that the prices are correct, but that’s a minor annoyance for such a nice option. Next up is adding different payment options and spurcing up the visual side of things, then we can get it uploaded!

Alright, I gotta get back to work! šŸ™‚


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