So we just finished juggling painting our new house and printing postage, packaging boxes, etc and now its time for bed until we start it all over again tomorrow, heh. The postman is coming by tomorrow to pick up 164 packages from us. Yep, 164. We have never, EVER approached that amount before and it was an insane amount of work. But, of course, totally worth it. We missed a few orders…well, I missed getting their invoice it seems, so a few people will have to wait another day or so until their Saves The Day records ship. Sorry! 😦

We are hoping to be moved into our new digs by the weekend and kinda settled. After we get fully settled, we will be holding an open house of sorts for the store, a small shindig where people can come by, meet us, check out the shop and buy some records at a nice little discount. We are also going to look into getting a band to play an acoustic set to end out the shindig, but we don’t have anything for sure yet. Anyone have any ideas or would like to offer their services? πŸ˜‰

Thanks to everyone who bought a Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm record! It was so awesome to see such a downpour of orders into our rather unknown store. πŸ™‚

Okay, bed. ZZZZ.


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