LPs down, everything else tomorrow or the next day!

We spent most of today weighing every single LP-sized record in the store and entering that information into the system, so when real-time shipping goes live, it actually works, heh. ;P We missed a few, but for the most part, all that’s left are 7″s and 10″s, of which we have far less of than LPs. Hopefully it will be finished up tomorrow or Thursday then I can flip the switch to turn that shit on and back to working on getting all of our stock online can continue.

Been exchanging emails with Sage Francis the past week or two about getting in all of the Strange Famous vinyl catalog, which is exciting for multiple reasons. 1) SF puts out amazing hip-hop records and 2) because I’ve been casually chatting with one of my heroes – fucking insane. We should have the final touches on that hopefully by the weekend and that’s just another box of records that will need to be put online, heh. 🙂 What else, what else… placed an order for the three new Bad Religion reissues (All Ages, Process of Belief and Receipe For Hate), MCS’ Even If It Kills Me (which I love), the new Streelight Manifesto vinyl (forget the title) and hopefully the final touches on our No Idea order can be put down so we can get our stock of all of their most recent releases and some random restocks.

I’m sure we’ve got even more on order than that, but for now, that’ll have to do as my mind is fried and needs to be consolded with some NBA Jam TE for the Sega Genesis. Yep, you read that right. Busted it out with my friend Matt from AZ, whose up here in WA for the week. God damn that’s a fucking good game!

PS: The Sound The Alarm test pressing drawing will be happening ASAP, hopefully by the weekend. Purchases of the record are no longer worth entries, so keep your eyes peeled here for the announcement of the winner!


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