The Vault – The Restocking.

We bought these back in Apirl with the intent of using these to try out the Vault, but they kind of got lost in the shuffle and I completely forgot we even had these until the last couple days ago.

Basically, these are rare variants of records that can only be purchased from private collectors as they have long left the stores/labels they originally came from. None of these have been played, at least according to the sellers, but to be safe, they have been listed as ‘like new.’

Anyways, depending on how these sell, we may look to expand on the Vault idea or if not, we’ll just keep it the small ground for the random rare records we stumble upon new.

Cute Lepers, The – Can’t Stand Modern Music (Clear – 1st Press)

Good Riddance – My Republic (Tan – 1st Pressing)

Love Equals Death – Nightmerica (Red – 1st Pressing)

No Use For A Name – Keep Them Confused (Yellow – 1st Press)

Only Crime – Virulence (Tan – 1st Press)

Rehasher – Off Key Melodies (Orange – 1st Pressing)

Small Brown Bike – Dead Reckoning (Pink/Yellow – 1st Pressing)

Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship (Light Blue – 1st Press)


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