Google Checkout is back!

So, after much fighting and digging through pages and pages of useless forums and meaningless (to be anyways) code, I have some how managed to get Google Checkout to draw from the real time shipping calculator and work again! But, just like everything else I do, it always comes with a catch. At the moment, I can’t get it to work for International orders. 😦 But, things are moving forward.

I did forget that we enrolled in a program with Google Checkout that will give anyone who uses it to checkout with a cart of $30 or more $5 off their total! Fuck ya! Get on that shit now since I forgot the ending date (I think it may be 9/16). ;P

Bonnie has almost finish adding all the missing items into our catalog, so now all I need to do is finalize them and activate them. It will be nice to be caught up in at least one area. I am also working on adding different ways to browse our inventory, such as all of one format and probably all of one genre.

Alright, Call of Duty 4 calls because my brain is just fried from all of the coding. 🙂


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