Lots of updates!

I must apologize for the lack of updates here recently. With the birth of our first child, Bonnie’s recovery from the pregnancy and other issues in-between, I have been holding down the fort essentially alone and there is only so much I can accomplish in a day, so these posts had to go by the way side. But things are starting to look up, and once we can get Ilan’s  esophagus condition under control, we should be back to full power.

Anyways, I’ve been brewing up some ideas to get a little extra cash in as a coule canceled pre-orders, a hyper-active distributor that sent us more merch than we were ready to handle (and pay for) as well as all the missed work from the birth that has put our December well in the red. I was going to roll them out tonight, but I’m thinking of putting them together in a post-Christmas sale kind of thing. We’ll see in the next couple of days. 🙂

Anyways, here’s some new stock to the store that has gone up in the past couple weeks (though far from everything that has actually gone up):

New Releases & Additions To The Store:

Alkaline Trio - Remains (2xLP - Clear)

 Alkaline Trio – Remains (2xLP – Dark Green / Plum)




Alkaline Trio - Remains (2xLP - Clear) Alkaline Trio – Remains (2xLP – Clear)



Beck - Gamma Ray / Bonfire Blondes Beck – Gamma Ray / Bonfire Blondes



Devo - Watch Us Work It Devo – Watch Us Work It



Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP (2xLP) Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP (2xLP)



Jennings, Waylon & The 357s - Forever (180 Gram - Colored) Jennings, Waylon & The 357s – Forever (180 Gram – Colored)



Killers, The - Human (Picture Disc) Killers, The – Human (Picture Disc)



NOFX - Liberal Animation (Yellow) NOFX – Liberal Animation (Yellow)



NOFX - Ribbed NOFX – Ribbed





NOFX - White Trash, Two Heeps and a Bean NOFX – White Trash, Two Heeps and a Bean




Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid (2xLP) Sigur Ros – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid (2xLP)





10cc - The Original Soundtrack (180 Gram) 10cc – The Original Soundtrack (180 Gram)



Thrice - Alchemy Index (4x10" - Colored) Thrice – Alchemy Index (4×10″ – Colored)



Coming Soon:

Davis, Miles - Bitches Brew (2xLP - 180 Gram) Davis, Miles – Bitches Brew (2xLP – 180 Gram)




Davis, Miles - In A Silent Way (180 Gram) Davis, Miles – In A Silent Way (180 Gram)




Davis, Miles - Nefertiti (180 Gram) Davis, Miles – Nefertiti (180 Gram)




Davis, Miles - Sketches Of Spain (180 Gram) Davis, Miles – Sketches Of Spain (180 Gram)



Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt (2xLP) Gym Class Heroes – The Quilt (2xLP)



M83 - M83 (2xLP + CD - 180 Gram) M83 – M83 (2xLP + CD – 180 Gram)



M83 - Digital Shades Volume 1 (180 Gram + CD) M83 – Digital Shades Volume 1 (180 Gram + CD)



Springsteen, Bruce - Working On A Dream (2xLP) Springsteen, Bruce – Working On A Dream (2xLP)




Thursday - Common Existence Thursday – Common Existence


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