Nerd Alert Records Newsletter #4

It has been awhile since we’ve sent one of these around – nearly 4 months! We had been planning on sending out one once we got cleared to announce our newest Nerd Alert Records exclusive, but by the time that point came, Bonnie was having health issues as her pregnancy was coming to its end and it was only I holding down the fort, which leads to me working long hours and the work piling up. It took another 2, 3 weeks for Bonnie to recover enough to just hang out with our little bundle so I could work and now it might be another week or so until she can work along side with me, but hopefully we can be back to full power (or something close to it) soon.

Personal life aside, its time to get down to business and formally announce our newest exclusive:

Mustard Plug – Big Daddy Multitude

What a little message boarding can do! Awhile back, Matt of Asbestos Records posted a for sale thread over at the VC message boards, selling stuff some he could afford to put out some more records. We had a little extra cash at the moment, so I asked if he’d be interested in working out a deal for an exclusive color and we’d pay ahead of time to help him fund the record. That led us to secure a run of 100 of this ska-punk classic’s first vinyl appearance on clear vinyl. As the record is too long for a single LP, it is coming out on a LP + 7″ package to save costs, which might make listeners work a little harder for those last tracks, but I think its worth it.

Anyways, these have been on pre-order for a couple months and we’ve sold a decent amount, but once the next issue of Razorcake hits stands sometime in January with our 1/2 page spread, I don’t see us having too many left, so if you want one, I wouldn’t wait much longer to pick one up. We are expecting these in any time now, Matt has all the pieces and has been putting them together, so once he gets our 100 together, he’s gonna send them over and we’ll start shipping!

Also – anyone who purchases this album will be entered into a contest to win a test pressing set (1 LP and 1 7″) from this release! Once we get the majority of these sold, we’ll draw a winner! 

Click here to pre-order the album! 

New Vinyl Column @ ThePunkSite.net!

While I love this job, to say it uses my college degree in English would be a stretch at best, a downright lie at worst. I pitched the idea of writing a column on punk vinyl to Bobby of TPS and much to my surprise, he was down! I’ve written 5 columns so far in-between all the things that have kept my work on the store down, but I am hoping to get into a weekly schedule as soon as I can. We have news, contests, reviews, interviews and more! You can check out the newest column, along with past ones, by clicking here .

After Christmas Promotions

We’ve got two promotions to celebrate the end of the Christmas madhouse and the return of the roads to those who know (mostly) how to drive.

The first one is the introduction of gift certificates! To take a cue from many retailers and restaurants, we’re offering more bang for your buck in the following packages (limited to 10 of each denomination) for a limited time:

* Get a $30 gift certificate for $25.

* Get a $65 gift certificate for $50.

* Get a $135 gift certificate for $100

* Get a $300 gift certificate for $200

You can purchase any one of these by clicking here. 

These gift certificates will only work with Google Checkout (Paypal doesn’t let us make our own coupons/certificates), which complicates things for any non-U.S. buyers as we still haven’t gotten Google Checkout to show the right shipping rates for packages going outside of the States. So if you do buy one, you will have to email your order into us, but as long as you don’t mind a little extra work, please feel free to pick one up!

The second promotion is the newest entry in our exclusive Signature Series, which sees bands signing one of their records in limited numbers that we then sell with no additional markup, giving fans a way to get something special without being price gouged. Though this band is nowhere near as well known as some of the other bands we’ve worked with in the past, if they continue to tour their asses off, they will be well known very, very soon. This has been in the works for quite a few months, but as they were traveling the globe, we only just got these in a few weeks ago. We’ve got 15 of their debut 7″ autographed by the entire band (as well as hand-numbered) and will be going on sale sometime in the next couple of days for $4.99 each (limit one per customer).

Keep an eye on our blog for more details before the year 

With that, I will be signing off as I’m heading over to a friend’s house for the UFC match tonight (well, I was when I was writing this Saturday afternoon)! I don’t follow it, but I’m definitely not against grown men beating the shit out of each other for sport.


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