If you PO’d the new Thursday from us:

If you pre-ordered the new Thursday album from us, you are well aware that we pre-ordered them at a very competitive price. We were able to do that because of the wholesale price one of our distributors was offering the album for, amid other reasons. Well, that same distributor raised their rate $2, didn’t update that price on the million “on order” lists they email us until I requested a list that reflected the correct prices due to some issues with other records and appears to have no interest in honoring that original price. If we had known all along that this was going to be the cost to us, we would have raised our price accordingly; but since this price change was never shared with us until it was too late, we’re in a real shitty place. 

How does this affect our pre-orders? Unlike said distributor, we will be honoring our original price, but it may delay us getting these out as I try to find the best deal out there. I just sent an email over to RevHQ to see if they have some left as they have a cheaper price than unnamed distributor. If push comes to shove, I’ll bend over and take the lubeless fuck and pay the shitty price so everyone gets their record in a timely manner.

As if the Nerd Alert HQ doesn’t have enough to deal with when it comes to our unhappy, sick newborn, we’ve got sleazy distros swapping prices on us and not letting us know about it until after they’ve taken my money and sent me the bill with the new prices that were not listed on their little “on order” emails. Bait and switch – is that shit even legal?

Fucking bullshit….



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