New Webstore Open For Business!

Grand Reopening!!!
I am sure many of you have noticed the thick layer of dust on our website. That’s basically we have been working very, very hard on our new website, which is being handled by a host not a program I have no idea how to program for. Now, that will all be handled by something I don’t have to tweak, break, tweak, break and eventually get right 3 hours later. Awesome.

Anyways, the blog is being phased out for this news list on the front page. I’ll be copying and pasting the news posted here on there for search purposes (damn that WordPress gets the word out on the web!), but this is where all store news and stock updates will be listed from here on out.

The new store is up and running! Its still a bit more bare in terms of content at the moment, but we wanted to get the skeleton up and add the guts later. Now we’ll spend the next week or two adding in all our new stock, pre-orders and new releases, since all that is up now is what was up before (which all had to be re-entered and re-finalized by hand).

To celebrate this grand reopening, we are offering the following coupon (while supplies last): make any purchase of $35 or more and we’ll throw in a free punk LP of our choosing when you use the coupon RAZOR52! These aren’t records we found in a dumpster or anything, we’re talking about records we are selling in the shop for $9.99-$11.99. Why can’t you pick? Well, it has to do with how much we paid for these records and surprises are more fun, at least for us, so deal with it!


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