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PO: Within Temptation – An Acoustic Night at the Theatre



Within Temptation – An Acoustic Night At The Theatre

The third album from Dutch metal band, Within Temptation. Looks pretty fucking epic by cover alone, but I’ve never heard them so not sure if that is accurate or not. 🙂



Welcome Kreation Records to Nerd Alert!

Last week I picked up a box of doom metal / sludge metal vinyl from Seattle-based label, Kreation Records personally from the record store that their label exists within, Zion Records. Stephen hooked us up with no only wholesale prices that beat the distro prices we were getting prior by a couple bucks every record but we were also given some of the Kreation exclusive color variants!

If anyone is looking for anything Kreation Records and we don’t have it, just drop me an email and I’ll see if I can go pick it up!

Across Tundras – Dark Songs of the Prairie
Aldebaran – From Forgotten Tombs
Amort – Winter Tales
Asunder – Works Will Come Undone
Atavist, Nadja – 12012291920 1414101
Book of Black Earth – The Feast
Coffins – Mortuary In Darkness
Coffins – Otesanek
Fall Of The Bastards – Dusk of an Ancient Age
Godflesh – Godflesh
Godflesh – Love and Hate In Dub
Godflesh – Streetcleaner
Grey – Sisters Of The Wyrd
Hull, Scott – Requiem
Morgion – Among Majestic Ruin
Nachtmystium – Demise
Oakhelm – Betwixt and Between
Valkyrie – Man of Two Visions
Valkyrie – Valkyrie
Warpig – Warpig
Wyrd – The Ghost Album (regular and picture disc)
Wyrd – Heathen
Wyrd – Huldrafolk
Zoroaster – Voice of Saturn


PO: Propagandhi; Coming Soon: Darkest Hour, Atreyu, Between Buried And Me, Blood For Blood


We’ve got four Victory releases that are being filed under the coming soon banner and a pre-order for the new Propagandhi album!

Coming Soon:

Atreyu - Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses Atreyu – Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses
Between The Buried And Me - Alaska (2xLP) Between The Buried And Me – Alaska (2xLP)
Blood For Blood - Outlaw Anthems Blood For Blood – Outlaw Anthems
Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation (2xLP) Darkest Hour – Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation (2xLP)


Propagandhi - Supporting Caste (Canada - 2xLP) Propagandhi – Supporting Caste (Canada – 2xLP)

New to Nerd Alert: Metallica 33RPM LPs

Special ordered some of the 33RPM Metallica reissues for a customer and grabbed an extra of each, so they are up in the store now. 🙂

 Metallica – Kill ‘Em All




 Metallica – Master Of Puppets




 Metallica – Ride The Lightning


New to Nerd Alert: Gilead Media (The Cancer Conspiracy, Rocky Votolato, Minsk, Thou, mewithoutYou, Mouth Of The Architect, Kenoma, Indricothere)

As I tend to do, I have had these on the floor for a week or two now and am just now putting them live. My bad. ;P Anyways, we got a full sampling of all Gilead Media has to offer, including their newest releases of Rocky Votolato’s “A Brief History” and Thou’s “The Retaliation.” 

 Cancer Conspiracy, The – Omega




 Indricothere – Indricothere (Blue – LP + CD)




 mewithoutYou – [A–>B] Life (Orange) 




 mewithoutYou – Catch For Us The Foxes (Pink) 




 Minsk – The Ritual Fires of Abandonment (2xLP)




 Mouth of the Architect / Kenoma – Split (Black)




 Mouth of the Architect / Kenoma – Split (Light Blue)




 Of Sinking Ships – Of Sinking Ships (Purple Mix)




 Thou – The Retaliation of the Immutable Force of Nature (Red)




 Votolato, Rocky – A Brief History (Blue) 




 Votolato, Rocky – A Brief History (Yellow)


PO: Sex Pistols reissue, Emmure, Fall of the Bastards, Herbie Hancock, Hellhammer, Helloween

 Emmure – The Respect Issue (Colored) 




 Fall Of The Bastards – Dusk Of An Ancient Age 




 Hancock, Herbie – Head Hunters (180 Gram)




 Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids (180 Gram – Red) 




 Helloween – Walls Of Jericho (2xLP – 180 Gram – Red & Yellow) 




 Sex Pistols – Nevermind The Bollocks, Here’s The… (180 Gram)


PO: Dead To Me, Insane Clown Posse, Megadeth reissues, Black Sabbath reissues

We’ve got some new pre-orders up tonight for Dead To Me’s upcoming 12″ 5 song EP and a ton of reissues from Insane Clown Posse, Megadeth and the Dio-fronted Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath – Dehumanizer (180 Gram)

Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell (180 Gram)

Black Sabbath – Live Evil (2xLP – 180 Gram)

Black Sabbath – Mob Rules (180 Gram)

Dead To Me – Little Brother

Insane Clown Posse – Riddle Box (2xLP)

Megadeth – Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? (180 Gram)

Megadeth – Rust In Peace (180 Gram)