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Photos: Thrice Beggars

Those are the four colors we received for Thrice’s Beggars. They showed up around 7PM tonight and we will be spending all Friday packing orders in hopes that they will all ship Saturday. To keep this process moving, time spent checking emails and private messages and such will be cut down to close to zero – we will do our best to give anyone who ordered multiple copies multiple colors and catch any color requests the best we can, but please understand that packing up 130+ Thrice records, plus anything else people ordered with these, is going to take FOREVER. And its getting late into the holiday season, I’m sure everyone would like these in their sweaty mitts as soon as possible, am I right?


Thrice Beggars Quick Update

These left California today for us up in Washington State, along with the test pressing. So we’ll have all our copies shipping at the end of the week – I’m figuring they’ll stroll in Wednesday/Thursday evening and then go out on either Friday/Saturday. Everyone will get some sort of shipping confirmation email, so you’ll know when to start watching for your orders.

Oh – and the test pressing is coming with the records so whoever the winner is, you’ll be getting it with your record. Its like a Willy Wonka thing, the golden ticket and shit. 🙂

We will be doing our best to get these orders out in one swoop, but please bare in mind that they won’t be shipping until the end of the week and that the holiday logjam has been going on for awhile at the USPS. If you want to upgrade your shipping to make damn sure this comes to you before Christmas, you’ve got a couple days left to do so. Just drop us an email – – for a quote.



Thrice Test Pressing Contest!

Uh huh, you read that right. Talked to Cobraside today and asked if we could get a test pressing to give out if we secure a few more copies of Beggars and they said yes! So, one lucky person will receive this very limited goodie from all the people that pre-order from here! Entries in the drawing are one per Beggars purchased, so if you ever needed to take advantage of friends or buy everyone the same Christmas present, now is the time! 🙂

Record is dated for December 15th, test pressing will be ready to give out whenever we get it or when the record comes out, whichever comes first!

More info on the vinyl version of Beggars and how to order, click below!

Thrice – Beggers


PO: Thrice Beggars

Thrice – Beggars

This will be one of the biggest releases of the winter (…2012 – ha!) and Nerd Alert Records has got you covered. Here’s the details:

“Limited to 2000 numbered copies with a 24-page 11″ x 11” full color booklet with images, lyrics and additional band notes not included with the CD version, each booklet SIGNED BY THE BAND!

PO: Thrice Beggers


Thrice – Beggers

This will be one of the biggest releases of the winter (…2012 – ha!) and Nerd Alert Records has got you covered. Here’s the details:

“Limited to 2000 numbered copies with a 24-page 11″ x 11” full color booklet with images, lyrics and additional band notes not included with the CD version, each booklet SIGNED BY THE BAND!

Posted on 29 Oct 2009 by Tony
PO: Vandals, Blink 182 reissues (now on picture discs as well!)
We have officially started taking pre-orders for the following Kung Fu Records reissues:


Blink 182 – Buddha
Vandals, The – Peace Thru Vandalism
Vandals, The – When in Rome Do As the Vandals

Due note that Peace Thru Vandalism and Buddha are being reissued in two versions – one regular, one picture disc. Neither album has been pressed on a picture disc before. I also have no idea about rarity on either of these, but you have to think with the slightly higher price that the picture discs are going to be slightly more rare, but we’ll see.

Though they are not live yet, we will be taking pre-orders for the CD versions as well.

Posted on 28 Oct 2009 by Tony
PO: Rage Against the Machine – S/T 180 Gram


Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine


I know that this album blew a lot of minds when it originally dropped and when I dug it out of my CD collection last year, I was surprised to find how little the music’s quality diminished over time. Obviously, this is hard as fuck to find on vinyl, so its with a big grin that I announce we’ve started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Music on Vinyl 180 gram reissue of Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled album. Imported from the Netherlands.

Posted on 28 Oct 2009 by Tony
New to Nerd Alert!
Finally starting to wind down from these “New to” posts and finally going to work our way to getting caught up with pre-orders and label-specific stock. Just got one more huge list from our most recent No Idea wholesale order to go through and then we’ll be caught up for the first time in a long, long time. 🙂


PS: Anyone get Borderlands this week? How is it? I need that game, for real.

A Tribe Called Quest – Hits, Rarities Remixes
Turbonegro – Scandinavian Leather
Used, The – In Love and Death
Used, The – The Used
Useless ID – Lost Broken Bones
Van Halen – Van Halen
Various Artists – Better Youth Organization Presents… Someone Got Their Head Kicked In
Various Artists – Better Youth Organization Presents… Something To Believe In
Various Artists – Fat Music Volume 5 Live Fat, Die Young
Various Artists – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Soundtrack
Various Artists – Porno Groove
Various Artists – This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 1
Veruca Salt – IV
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Baile de Los Locos
Voodoo Glow Skulls – The Band Geek Mafia
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Symbolic
Votolato, Rocky – Burning My Travels Clean
Votolato, Rocky – Makers
Votolato, Rocky – Rocky Votolato
Votolato, Rocky – Suicide Medicine

Posted on 23 Oct 2009 by Tony
New to Nerd Alert!
You guys ever heard Frank Turner before? Yep? Well, I had not until about 15 minutes ago when I finally heard Campfire Punkrock EP. Holy shit this is so catchy fucking shit! Wow. I have not had a song grab my attention the very first time I heard it in quite awhile until “Thatcher Fucked the Kids” came on.


If you are like I was and have yet to listen to Frank Turner, do yourself a favor and go here and listen to this song. If you don’t like this, you surely won’t like anything else.

Agnostic Front – Dead Yuppies
Bardot, Brigitte – B.B.
Converge, Hellchild – Deeper the Wound
Dwarves, The – Blood, Guts and Pussy
Fear Factory – Demanufacture
Fear Factory – Digimortal
Franz Ferdinand – Blood
Gravy Train – Are You Wigglin
Gravy Train – Hello Doctor
Jesus Lizard – Down
Jesus Lizard – Goat
Jesus Lizard – Head
Jesus Lizard – Liar
Jesus Lizard – Pure
Madness – The Liberty of Norton Folgate
Morrissey – Greatest Hits
Mudhoney – Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
Mudhoney – Mudhoney
Mudhoney – Since We’ve Become Translucent
Riverdales – Phase 3
Ten Foot Pole – Insider
Ten Foot Pole – Rev
Ten Foot Pole – Unleashed
This Is Hell – Misfortunes
Throw Rag – 13 Ft and Rising
Throw Rag – Desert Shores
Thursday – Full Collapse
Thursday, Envy – Split
Tiger Army – II Power of Moonlight
Tiger Army – Tiger Army

Posted on 22 Oct 2009 by Tony

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Update on Thrice box set

Just nabbed this from VC:

Vagrant Records regrets to announce a further shipping delay of the Thrice vinyl box set of The Alchemy Index. Wayne Pighini, label marketing head, issued the following statement:

“Our manufacturer has just informed us that the Thrice vinyl box set of The Alchemy Index will NOT meet the expected March 10 street date. We sincerely apologize for the repeated delays in getting this out to all of you who pre-ordered the package. Please know that this is the most elaborate vinyl set we’ve ever attempted and is literally being put together by hand. We underestimated the time necessary to complete each piece. We promise it will be worth the wait! Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a specific shipping date at this time, but as soon as we get the updated ship date we’ll post it here and we assure you that your original order remains in force. All pre-orders will still ship before copies are in stores.”

“Once again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your continued patience and understanding. We truly appreciate your support of Thrice and Vagrant Records.”

The Alchemy Index is a two-volume collection comprised of four EPs, each devoted to one of the essential elements in nature—fire, water, air and earth—with each EP sonically and thematically tailored to evoke the atmosphere inherent in its corresponding element.
Each of the 4 EP’s will be pressed on 10” colored vinyl -the Fire EP is red, Water is blue, Earth is brown and Air is on clear vinyl. The discs will be inside a hand-bound hardcover book complete with lyrics, liner notes and commentary from the band.


Lots of updates!

I must apologize for the lack of updates here recently. With the birth of our first child, Bonnie’s recovery from the pregnancy and other issues in-between, I have been holding down the fort essentially alone and there is only so much I can accomplish in a day, so these posts had to go by the way side. But things are starting to look up, and once we can get Ilan’s  esophagus condition under control, we should be back to full power.

Anyways, I’ve been brewing up some ideas to get a little extra cash in as a coule canceled pre-orders, a hyper-active distributor that sent us more merch than we were ready to handle (and pay for) as well as all the missed work from the birth that has put our December well in the red. I was going to roll them out tonight, but I’m thinking of putting them together in a post-Christmas sale kind of thing. We’ll see in the next couple of days. 🙂

Anyways, here’s some new stock to the store that has gone up in the past couple weeks (though far from everything that has actually gone up):

New Releases & Additions To The Store:

Alkaline Trio - Remains (2xLP - Clear)

 Alkaline Trio – Remains (2xLP – Dark Green / Plum)




Alkaline Trio - Remains (2xLP - Clear) Alkaline Trio – Remains (2xLP – Clear)



Beck - Gamma Ray / Bonfire Blondes Beck – Gamma Ray / Bonfire Blondes



Devo - Watch Us Work It Devo – Watch Us Work It



Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP (2xLP) Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP (2xLP)



Jennings, Waylon & The 357s - Forever (180 Gram - Colored) Jennings, Waylon & The 357s – Forever (180 Gram – Colored)



Killers, The - Human (Picture Disc) Killers, The – Human (Picture Disc)



NOFX - Liberal Animation (Yellow) NOFX – Liberal Animation (Yellow)



NOFX - Ribbed NOFX – Ribbed





NOFX - White Trash, Two Heeps and a Bean NOFX – White Trash, Two Heeps and a Bean




Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid (2xLP) Sigur Ros – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid (2xLP)





10cc - The Original Soundtrack (180 Gram) 10cc – The Original Soundtrack (180 Gram)



Thrice - Alchemy Index (4x10" - Colored) Thrice – Alchemy Index (4×10″ – Colored)



Coming Soon:

Davis, Miles - Bitches Brew (2xLP - 180 Gram) Davis, Miles – Bitches Brew (2xLP – 180 Gram)




Davis, Miles - In A Silent Way (180 Gram) Davis, Miles – In A Silent Way (180 Gram)




Davis, Miles - Nefertiti (180 Gram) Davis, Miles – Nefertiti (180 Gram)




Davis, Miles - Sketches Of Spain (180 Gram) Davis, Miles – Sketches Of Spain (180 Gram)



Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt (2xLP) Gym Class Heroes – The Quilt (2xLP)



M83 - M83 (2xLP + CD - 180 Gram) M83 – M83 (2xLP + CD – 180 Gram)



M83 - Digital Shades Volume 1 (180 Gram + CD) M83 – Digital Shades Volume 1 (180 Gram + CD)



Springsteen, Bruce - Working On A Dream (2xLP) Springsteen, Bruce – Working On A Dream (2xLP)




Thursday - Common Existence Thursday – Common Existence


More stock updates!

Some more stuff that should have been put up awhile ago, heh. ;P Also, Dave from Jailhouse Records let me know that our exclusive Pop Culture Assassins color came today and that he’ll be shipping them out to us today as well – woo! 🙂

Only Crime / Outbreak – Split

Perfect Circle, A – Emotive (2xLP – Orange)

Pettyfords, The / The Screwballs – From Neenah… (Clear)

Pettyfords, The / The Screwballs – From Neenah… (Black)

Phantom Witch – Phantom Witch

Primus – Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People

Ramones, The – The Ramones (180 Gram)

Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar & Jeremy Michael Ward – ORL + JMW

This Is Hell – Sundowning (Colored)

Thrice – The Illusion of Safety

Tokyo Police Club – In A Cave (UK)

Weakerthans, The – Reunion Tour (180 Gram)

Youth Brigade – To Sell The Truth

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