Brand New’s Devil and God… Canceled?

The net has been bursting at the seams with news that the long-awaited vinyl version of Brand New’s Devil and God… album, set to be released next month by Triple Crown Records, has been canceled. At the same time, another rumor about a different label handling the same release has begun to spread as well.

Here’s what I personally know: the first distributor (an indie) we ordered these from was told me today that it has been canceled. I asked the same question to the distributor that was to provided is with the majority of our copies (and is also one of the major label owned distros) and was told the only change was in the release date…which was the same one we already had, Jan. 12th.

I replied back to the latter and asked if they were completely sure on that and/or if they had already made plans for the Triple Crown copies sold to be replaced with copies from the mystery label or just what the hell is going on. Once I hear back from him, probably Monday, I’ll send out a mass email to all of those who pre-ordered it through us to let you know if we can still get you a record in the same time frame or if we’ll be sending out refunds (or store credit or swaps – its up to each of you, whatever you do is fine by us!).

Because of this, we are looking into introducing a new way of doing pre-orders for music, adopting the model used by Target for video games where for $5 you get reserves your spot in the proverbial line and a $5 gift certificate good towards any future purchase, including for the pre-ordered item. Details being worked out though, so it might be awhile before this goes into effect, if ever.

Hang tight till Monday everyone – once we get the answer, I’ll drop everyone an email and let you know what’s going on. Just to be sure its clear – if its canceled, all pre-orders will be immedately refunded or turned into different records, your choice. 🙂

Alright, time to get the mail ready for tomorrow!

Tony Peters (Co-Owner)


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