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Thrice Test Pressing Contest!

Uh huh, you read that right. Talked to Cobraside today and asked if we could get a test pressing to give out if we secure a few more copies of Beggars and they said yes! So, one lucky person will receive this very limited goodie from all the people that pre-order from here! Entries in the drawing are one per Beggars purchased, so if you ever needed to take advantage of friends or buy everyone the same Christmas present, now is the time! 🙂

Record is dated for December 15th, test pressing will be ready to give out whenever we get it or when the record comes out, whichever comes first!

More info on the vinyl version of Beggars and how to order, click below!

Thrice – Beggers


PO: Mustard Plug – Big Daddy Multitude (LP + 7″) on clear vinyl – exclusive to Nerd Alert Records!

Mustard Plug – Big Daddy Multitude (LP + 7″ – Clear)

I’ve been waiting months and months to finally spill the beans on our next exclusive and I was finally given the thumbs up just a few minutes ago.

The classic ska-punk album, Big Daddy Multitude, by scene vets Mustard Plug will finally be given the necessary vinyl treatment by the end of the year, courtsey of Asbestos Records. Quite awhile ago, I found Asbestos head Flood had posted a message on the VC message board looking to sell of some records to help pay for some upcoming projects he had coming down the pipe. I sent him a private message, asking him if he’d be interested in doing an exclusive color for us and we’d pay him ahead of time to help him foot the bill. He replied right back with a yes, so we’ve been waiting quietly ever since, just dying to put this up!

Now the day has come! There will be 4 colors of vinyl for this release, and the breakdown is as follows:

Yellow (/500), Black (/100), Clear (/100) and one unknown color.

Everyone who pre-orders from us will be entered into a contest to win 1 test pressing set for this release (which means you’ll get a test pressing of both the LP & 7″).


Nerd Alert Records & Limited Edition Vinyl Team Up!

I stumbled across vinyl blog Limited Edition Vinyl like you do a quarter in a parking lot – completely by accident but god damn are you happy you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. LEV contains detailed, thoughtful posts on upcoming records without all the poor grammer, lack of or over use of punctuation and other things taught in elementry school that bloggers like to throw out and ignore. Very pleasing to the reading palette.

I emailed Joel and we set up two contests with them for our exclusive colors, with the first one running now for our Sound The Alarm on red. You can enter to win one right…here! Next week, our contest to win a free copy of our Pink Lincolns exclusive should appear as well.

Its not very often a blog satisfies my need for vinyl news and respect for the English langauge, so please, please, please visit Joel’s blog and add him to your bookmarks. That’s what, like three clicks, four? We both know you have the time, just do it. ;P


Winners of our grand opening contest!

So we finally drew the winners for our super large grand opening contest we were holding with Here are the winners (all peeps have been contacted and prizes will start going out most likely tomorrow):

1. Arielle K. LCD soundsystem autographed CD
2. Mathew S. DeadFormat Prize
3. Steveooo The Queers – Everything’s Okay 7″ – autographed by Joe Queer
4. Benjamin S. No Idea Records ‘Party Pack’
5. Jens Few and the Proud LP test pressing
6. Dusty $25 gift certificate to
7. Daniel A. Shot Baker – Awake LP test pressing
8. mtnasleep $50 gift certificate to
9. Greg S. DeadFormat Prize
10. Graig S. DeadFormat Prize
11. scotty DeadFormat Prize
12. cjohnnick $25 gift certificate to
13. headtowall Atmosphere – Shoulda Known 12″ promo single
14. fattyswimmer DeadFormat Prize
15. lattersam James Pants – We’re Through promo single
16. marijnnn DJ Romes – Rhythm Traxx 12″ test pressing
17. deathtripper DeadFormat Prize
18. Matt K. DeadFormat Prize
19. zak138 Moral Crux – Moral Crux autographed test pressing
20. tarik The Queers – Everything’s Okay 7″ – autographed by Joe Queer

(Name = winner via store entry; User = winner via DF entry)


Sound The Alarm Shipping To Us Tomorrow!

Talked to Cobraside today and our Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm exclusive will be shipping out tomorrow! Which means we should have them Friday-Saturday and orders should start shipping on Monday! 🙂 Our color has also been revealed – red. An unnamed retailer (they didn’t tell me but my guess is the wonderful peeps at Vinyl Collective) will be receiving white (I assume out of 300 as well), of which we will be swapping 5 of ours for 5 of theirs so we can offer a few sets of both colors.

Talked to Zac from Alaska Records over the weekend and we are about to get those Benard / Worn In Red splits on their way to us in the next couple of days.

Bonnie and I will be moving into our first house (well, one that will be occupied only by us) in a couple weeks, but the prepartion of said house is really going to cut into our store time, so updates may be few and far between during that time. Shipping of orders WILL NOT be effected by this. 🙂 Our new house has a huge area for us to run the store out of, which is going to be so amazing. I can’t wait for that aspect alone. Maybe we’ll even arrange an open house for the store, where peeps can come by, shop, rock out, maybe even take a jaunt into the game room and play some Smash Bros. 🙂

We also found out the sex of our soon-to-be baby today! I cannot say what it is yet because it seems we didn’t do a very good job of advertising the ‘guess the sex’ contest, so we will be sending out an email mailer to everyone who has ordered something from us so they for sure know about the contest and can enter if they want. We should get that around tomorrow, then hopefully draw a winner by next week.

Okay, my back hurts and my allergies are going insane from cleaning a dusty, dirty house for the past few hours, so I’m out!


Exclusive Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm color!

I’ll go more in-depth later, as ice cream and Monopoly are currently in need of my attention, but we just put up the preorder for our exclusive color for next week’s Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm reissue. Out of the 3,000 total copies to be pressed, we will have a 300 run color that can only be purchased from us! ALSO – we are getting a test pressing to give out as well – so anyone who orders that record from us will be entered in a random drawing to get that!

Okay, here’s the link, buy away please! 😉

Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm (Exclusive Color)



So, today is a lazy Monday, there’s just no way around it, heh. We had a doctor’s appointment today, just a general checkup on the baby and Bonnie. All continues to be well on that front. Everytime we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat is just amazing!

When we got home, we took care of the mail and then just lost all interest in anything else work-related. It happens, heh. If you placed an order over the weekend and didn’t get a shipping confirmation today its because we are waiting for Fedex to drop off our latest Cobraside order, which they should do tonight or tomorrow. Once they do, your orders will go out! 🙂

I just found out hanging out on the VC message board, which I’ve been doing every day for about 8 months now, that we appear to be one of the very last retailers to still have the colored Recess Records reissue of Screeching Weasel’s Boogadax3 in-stock! We also have colored copies of Recess’s Queers – Love Songs… and Off With Their Heads – Hospitals as well! Get them while you can!

I also forgot to mention that we will be giving away test pressings – 3 each – with each of our Jailhouse Records exclusive colors! We will randomly pick 3 people from the preorders for each of the records and send them a test pressing with their order! You can place your orders for those here and here.

Okay, time to go kill time until MGS4 comes out tonight at midnight! 😉

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